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Surviving Junior High

Yo. My username is pwii and if I told you my name I'm afraid I'd have to kill you. YAY! This is my first manga (that has more then one chapter) and when rating it I want you to keep in mind this is my first manga... You want a description? Why? Ok...Apparantly some bum named ty finds out he's the next in line for a huge mafia fortune. The catch? The other mafias wanna kill him. Crikey. I don't have a really good scanner, or photobucket [this may be subject to change] or much experience, so forgive me if it looks pretty unprofessional. If you read this, please commment if just to say 'I have read this comic' because it helps me keep going. Constructive critisism IS appreciated, but unconstructive is not. Example: Constructive: If you would do this with the eyes it would look better Unconstructive: THIS COMIC SUCKS!!! A comment with excessive cussing WILL be deleted, but that's about it. E-mail me at!

Photobucket quote="Yo. We need to talk."

Rose is somewhat secluded from the world. Kind of the quiet-kick-your-butt-to-mars type. Her past is somewhat cloudy and she likes sneaking up on people. At first Ty thought her whole 'protector' job was a prank, but now he knows better. Her motives for helping ty are unclear for the moment.

Photobucketquote="That's just funny because every time you say that I mysteriously get NO SLEEP AT ALL."

Ty is the protagonist. Apparantly 100 years ago a judges ruling for a mafia inheritance case was to forestall the outcome. Now he's one of the heirs and the others are trying to kill him. He's usually really fun to have around, but he gets grumpy when he doesn't get enough sleep.


Zane is Ty's best freind. They go everywhere together and fight a lot. Just like brothers...

Photobucket" quote="it looks like they came straight out of 'the sopranos'"

Sarah and Ty's parents are good freinds, so they meet each other a lot and study together. Ty has a major crush on her but he's basically a chicken when it comes to love, so they might grow up and die without her ever getting a clue. As for her feelings aobut a secret. ;P


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